Chin Augmentation

A well-defined chin is a major feature of one’s profile. Those with a receding or too-prominent chin may consider mentoplasty, chin surgery, to create a more balanced appearance. The procedure to augment the chin begins with an incision either in the natural crease line under the chin or inside the mouth. A synthetic implant is inserted and carefully sutured, leaving an imperceptible scar. In some cases, the bone is cut and the chin is moved forward.

A metal plate with screws is inserted into the chin in order to achieve this effect. Chin reduction surgery involves similar incisions, after which the bone is sculpted into a more aesthetically pleasing shape and size. With either procedure, excess fatty tissue may also be removed to redefine the chin or neckline.

What You Can Expect

Chin augmentation is a relatively quick procedure for the incredible results it produces. Many patients find that chin implants dramatically change their facial appearance. In addition to improving one’s profile, this popular facial plastic surgery treatment can also help reduce the effect of sagging jowls, resulting in a much more youthful look. In some cases, patients opt to complete chin augmentation along with rhinoplasty in order to ensure a more symmetrical final look. Sometimes, however, a chin augmentation is enough to make the nose look more proportional and patients find themselves satisfied with a chin augmentation alone.

Everyone has unique aesthetic goals when it comes to chin augmentation surgery. Working with an experienced facial plastic surgeon in Houston is a key step in ensuring those goals are not only met, but exceeded. Dr. Freeman’s years of experience and training at Vanderbilt make him eminently qualified to help you achieve your desired results. Dr. Freeman will take a close look at your facial profile in order to determine the most attractive angle and proportion for your new chin, and will assess your unique needs to determine the best course of action for optimal results.

Chin Augmentation

Who is a Good Candidate?

Excellent candidates for chin augmentation are those who feel they have a ‘weak chin’ or receding chin, those who feel that their chin is too narrow, or patients who feel that the distance between their chin and neck could be increased to create a more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Those who suffer from mentalis strain or “chin cellulite” see improvement after a chin augmentation procedure as well.

Dr. Freeman works closely with patients to understand their expectations and to provide both greater facial harmony and an increase in self-confidence.